Here you can get the single executable file, that is all you need.

get bowerphp.phar v0.5.3

Put it in your current project, or (even better) move it in your $PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin).

Please note that this version of BowerPHP is compiled with PHP 7.1. If you need a phar compatible with a different PHP version, you need to compile it yourself .


So, you would like to use the amazing Bower system to manage your frontend libraries. But you have some constraint on your environment and you cannot use Node.js.

Bowerphp to the rescue! Just download bowerphp.phar and use it in your projects. Same protocol, different (but almost with same features) client.

Bowerphp is currently in v0.*.* status. Things should work, but you have been warned. For a list of known issues, see github.


You do not need anything but bowerphp.phar to work, but if you feel like to help with Bowerphp development, you are more than welcome!

The project is hosted on github.



If you prefer (or if you need it), instead of downloading standalone bowerphp.phar, you can add the whole Bowerphp library as a dependency of your existing PHP project. You just need composer :

$ composer require beelab/bowerphp

You'll find an executable under bin/bowerphp.

For more options about versions of Bowerphp, and to see the requirements for installation, please refer to its packagist page .


(Following examples assume that your Bowerphp file is named "bowerphp" and is in your $PATH)

Show available commands

$ bowerphp

Install latest version of jquery

$ bowerphp install jquery

Install a specific version

$ bowerphp install jquery#1

More examples on .